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Who We Treat




We treat everyone - from newborn to adult

Pregnancy & Post-Partum
The changes during pregnancy can put huge demands on muscles, ligaments and joints of the mother's body. Pressure on the mother's diaphragm, stomach and bladder, often leads to common symptoms such as swollen ankles, urinary frequency, heartburn and pubic pain. We offer advice and treatment to minimise the aches and pain that can develop. After birth, we check mum to see how well her pelvis and spine have coped with the pregnancy and delivery.

How is your newborn adapting to life outside the womb? Are you concerned about how she looks or behaves? Difficulty feeding? Unsettled, crying baby? We will discuss the pregnancy and birth with you, examine your baby and then work to remove any strain pattern which may reside in her body. As well as our osteopathic examination, we are also trained to screen for infant clinical conditions. We will advise you if we think you need to see your Health Visitor or GP.

Children and adolescents
With young children we are often asked about recurrent infections, posture, teeth alignment, learning issues and ability to concentrate. These issues may be due to an underlying strain in the child's body. As children get older, intensive training in sports or musical instruments, increased workload at school and spending a lot of time at the computer / laptop can put posture under strain and impact the growing body. We are particularly interested in checking posture and the spine for signs of curvature (scoliosis), as prompt assessment and treatment can be important in limiting the impact of this condition during this peak of growth.

We treat people from all walks of life from builders to shop assistants, farmers to airline pilots, full time housewives to engineers. Stresses and strains may simply develop from day-to-day occupation, or result from a sporting injury or surgical procedure. We deal with patients suffering with acute (sudden onset) to chronic (long term) problems.

Senior Citizens
Can you carry on with your favourite hobby or pastime? Do you often feel too tired or achy to do certain things? Have you had a fall or accident recently? Waiting for hip or knee replacement and finding it hard to cope with the pain? We will discuss your health and suggest ways to maintain and improve it. Osteopathic care may alleviate symptoms and help you live more comfortably.

“If in doubt, ASK!” – feel free to call us to discuss your, or your child's, problem and find out how Osteopathy can help.

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