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What to expect...



 First appointments are allocated 40- 50  minutes. It is advisable to arrive 5 minutes early, to settle in and avoid feeling rushed. The osteopath will take a comprehensive case history involving details of the pregnancy, birth and symptom / medical picture. A physical examination using some gentle movements will help to form a diagnosis. Once this is discussed, treatment can begin.

Usually the child remains fully clothed on the treatment table. For a small child a favourite toy, book or bottle is advisable. As a parent watching the treatment, you may observe little more than seeing the child held in different areas, such as around the head, under the back or pelvis. The experience is generally a relaxing one, with different sensations including warmth often felt as a release occurs. Occasionally the child will fall asleep.

The aim of treatment is to reduce the severity of symptoms or to be able to manage the condition yourself. This typically involves 3 or 4 sessions unless the condition is "chronic or long-term" in which case it may require more.



Treating babies with Osteopathy may help settle irritated nervous systems and mechanical stresses from the birthing process. It may help to decrease pain and discomfort, allowing the child to settle and grow into their full potential.

The following is a list of symptoms / conditions common in clinic:

Symptoms of colic and reflux

Pre and Post surgical tongue-tie / lip-tie car

Breastfeeding or latching difficulties

Constant crying / irritable beyond normal measure

Birthing traumas associated with ventouse, forceps, emergency  caesarian, prolonged difficult  labour's, clavicle dislocations, injuries and bruising, face and breech presentations

Difficulty with trapped wind

Abnormal head shape, "flat spots"

Torticollis or wry necks

Hip problems

General post-birth check up at 6 weeks of age

Genetic conditions such as Downs Syndrome




The following is a list of symptoms / conditions common in clinic:

Recurrent ear infections

Developmental problems

Difficulty walking

Injuries after falls

Hip or feet dysfunction



Children & Teenagers

The following is a list of symptoms / conditions common in clinic:

Sporting injuries

Postural problems / scoliosis

Growing pains

Headaches and orthodontic work


Muscle soreness



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